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February 16th, 2014

redbrunja: (beauty & the beast | tale as old as time)
Sunday, February 16th, 2014 11:12 pm
[ profile] backtothesea asked me:

I'd love to hear any of your favorite myths, fairy tales or urban legends.

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Beauty & The Beast

I wish I could say something else, but Beauty and the Beast is the fairy tale that I read multiple versions of and it was (and honestly, may still be) my favorite Disney movie.

I’m not thrilled about this choice because Once Upon A Time really kind of ruined my feelings about that fairy tale. I’ve never denied that there are some really negative elements to the Beauty and the Beast story, but Once’s interpretation made it hard for me to see anything else.

That said, this post made me realize I really need to read the original (and fuck yes, for a citable, sole female author) and I just read Cruel Beauty (and I need to reread Robin McKinely's Beauty), so hopefully that will help remove the dirty, guilty sting I presently feel at liking B&B.

Moving on, this isn’t a specific legend, but I freaking love stories of friendly ghosts, e.g. Casper, Phantom Dennis, that one comic about the dude who falls for the ghost haunting his house.

I also love urban legends of all sorts – ‘aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the light’ (still pissed at Supernatural for screwing their adaptation of this up, among many other reasons) and the vanishing hitchhiker are two of my favs. I also feel like my enjoyment of serial killer fiction and road trip fic are related to this.

ETA: I put on the B&B soundtrack while I was getting this ready to post and ended up singing along and waving my arms dramatically between typing. Yep, definitely my fav disney movie.
redbrunja: (angel | here is the lover destroyed)
Sunday, February 16th, 2014 11:21 pm
Based on [ profile] grav_ity’s recommendation and this post, I went out and bought Cruel Beauty. I really enjoyed it, and I think the author definitely succeeded in making a heroine who was brave and bold and smart but very much Not Nice.

I’m also re-reading A Gentlemen Undone. Never has there been such an excellent historical romance with such an exquisite heroine, her soul made of clockwork and mathematics and sexual experience. That book is just so freaking wonderful and angsty and sexy. I've started on Down London Road by Samathan Young, which hasn't wowed me yet, but is froathy and enjoyable.

Up next: A whole bunch of WWII nonfiction and fiction. Between a random textbook I pulled off my roommate’s bookshelf and [ profile] musesfool’s recent post, I have about six related-to-WWII books I want to read.