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February 25th, 2014

redbrunja: (dollhouse | eyes like stormy seas)
Tuesday, February 25th, 2014 01:37 am
empressearwig posted a question meme in the hopes of perking up LJ, and that is a call to battle I will never walk away from.

If you want to play, answer the questions below, switching out and adding new questions as desired.

1. Are you a shower in the morning or at night person?

Both. Definitely in the morning, and if I had a hard day at work or went running after work, it's definitely time for another shower.

2. For what television series are you completely satisfied with the amount of canon that aired?

Wonderfalls. That show has a beginning, middle, end, had several romances that developed and ended in interesting and/or satisfying places, and told a complete story in its thirteen episodes.

3. Newest musical discovery.

4. Do you have certain things you wear everyday?

Like a signature piece of jewelry? Nope. I'm not that classy

5. Favorite fanfiction tropes.

Roadtrip fic, sex before love, pretending to be a couple, mistaken for a couple.

6. If I came to visit you, what thing in your city would I absolutely need to see/do before I left?

I live in Seattle, and I'd take you for a stroll around Pike Place and then up to the Space Needle. Yes, it's super-over priced (like WHOA) but if you're not from Washington, and you're unlikely to be in Seattle soon.... why not.

7. What's the worst job you've ever had?

Either when I was working in a ice cream parlor (hipster ice cream, not great boss, coworkers who didn't like me) or my post-college data entry job.

8. What did you do at recess in elementary school?

Got teased. Read.

9. Do you have a preferred highlighter color?

I am a fan of blue, but that's 'cause I like blue. Realistically, the classic yellow is my go-to. (Especially as it doesn't show up on copies.)

10. What was the first instant messaging program you ever used?

AOL! The one and only messaging program I used.

11. Oldest and newest icon.