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Sunday, May 4th, 2014 06:25 pm
So, I just finished The Fiery Heart. I know it would end as it did, but still, that ending was brutal. Someone hold me.
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Friday, April 4th, 2014 08:07 pm
Has anyone read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell?

Because I got it from the library and I don't know if I want to keep reading.

One, because having a fandom front and central in a book makes me a bit uncomfortable (ignore the woman typing behind the curtain!).

Two, because I have the feeling that she's going to ~learn a lesson~ about going out into the world and being less shy.

And three, because she's a slash fangirl, and I have no fucking patience for interludes that are the "canon" of her slash pairing and no fucking patience for slash being written about in a completely unexamined (i.e. ladies, what ladies, why should there be ladies?) way.
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Saturday, March 29th, 2014 03:54 am
I recently finished reading Spirit & Dust by Rosemary Clement Moore which was very enjoyable, despite the fact that it:

  1. has a love triangle

  2. and the side I two people I wanted to hook up didn’t.

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Thursday, March 6th, 2014 10:46 pm
Okay, media update time.

In the area of books, I just finished Marissa Meyer's Cinder, which I loved. It’s a fantastic sci-fi retelling of Cinderella and it ends on a cliff-hanger that made me interested enough in the rest of the series to splurge and get the next two books from B&N.

I watched the first ten minutes of the most recent episode of SHIELDwe love our acronyms )

I loved this week's Brooklyn Nine-Nine.this is a den of liars )

Arrow was actually pretty boring this week, imho.where ever i go, I'm just answering phones )

I read Hawkeye 15, which was SO overhyped, imho.he's just a shape )

On the subject of awesome queer ladies, I just watched the second episode of Bomb Girls. (My goal is to get caught up before the movie airs at the end of March.if you can pour tea, you can pour amatol )
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Monday, February 24th, 2014 09:19 am
I came across this great OTP meme from [ profile] leobrat. I'm going to be doing it in chucks of a couple days at time, because I don't feel like posting each day when sometimes my answer is a single sentence.

Day 01 - OTP Because OTP (Because Who Would Even Argue)

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Day 02 - Current OTP

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Day 03 - OTP That Started Your Fannish Journey

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Day 04 - OT3+

Captain America & His Formerly-Russian Assassin Lovers )
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Sunday, February 16th, 2014 11:21 pm
Based on [ profile] grav_ity’s recommendation and this post, I went out and bought Cruel Beauty. I really enjoyed it, and I think the author definitely succeeded in making a heroine who was brave and bold and smart but very much Not Nice.

I’m also re-reading A Gentlemen Undone. Never has there been such an excellent historical romance with such an exquisite heroine, her soul made of clockwork and mathematics and sexual experience. That book is just so freaking wonderful and angsty and sexy. I've started on Down London Road by Samathan Young, which hasn't wowed me yet, but is froathy and enjoyable.

Up next: A whole bunch of WWII nonfiction and fiction. Between a random textbook I pulled off my roommate’s bookshelf and [ profile] musesfool’s recent post, I have about six related-to-WWII books I want to read.
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Friday, February 14th, 2014 10:11 pm
I introduced my mother to the hotness of Tom Hiddleston tonight.

I was describing a fictional character in a book who was played by Tom Hiddleston in my head (and who I wanted to be the love interest instead of the villian):

Me: yeah, with curly blond hair-
Mom: Ew.
Me: No, no, let my give you a visual aid - [pulls up tom hiddleson tag on tumblr]
Mom: Oh, he is hot.
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Saturday, February 8th, 2014 12:26 pm
I would really love some recommendations from my flist for either romance novels or books with a romantic subplot that you think that I will enjoy. Because my luck with books (and specifically romances) has been decidedly mixed, lately.

In order:

I made it about ten pages into The Chocolate Thief and no. Things I am not interested in:

  • rhapsodic descriptions of Paris and the heroine longing to be accepted there

  • orgasmic descriptions of chocolate when I’m trying to lose weight

  • an arrogant alpha male who acts like a dick the first time he meets the heroine

So that’s going back to the library.

Then I read What Angels Fear, which I actually really, really enjoyed. It's a Regency murder mystery with a main character who's recently back from the war, where he was a spy. As much as I enjoyed it, though, I don't think I'll continue with the series. First, there was a lot of sexual violence in this book, and I know the next one will open with another dead girl. Secondly, while I really enjoyed the romanceand it ended on a good note for the couple, I know they break up later, so I'm going to spare myself some pain and stop now.

Also, I was excited enough about That Touch Of Magic (Lucy March) to buy it instead of waiting for the library to finish processing it and while the entertainment value was high, I was very disappointedthat the romance was between the heroine and “the love of her life” who cheated on her when he went to college and is now suddenly back in town. Because nothing says true love like getting back with the cheating ex you never got over. I was rooting for the other guy who was going to be evil. I called this in the third chapter, and then I skipped ahead to the end of the book (which I never, ever do) so I wouldn't spend the whole novel hoping I was wrong and then being disappointed. (I was totally right.)
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Friday, February 7th, 2014 12:39 am
[ profile] seren_ccd asked me: what was the first piece of media that you remember really making an impression? (film, tv show, books, art, music, anything!)

That would probably be Tamora Pierce’s Alanna: The First Adventure. I remember reading that story and going ‘yes, this is, this is.’ Girl-centric fantasy about a becoming a knight? 100% right up my alley.
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Thursday, January 30th, 2014 09:16 am
I reread Graceling and Fire. I loved Graceling so much on reread and Fire is, as always, kind of heartbreaking.

BUT I was thinking about Lienid rings, and thinking about choosing to remove a family ring if that person was, basically, a total dick.

ALSO, I just want to shout-out to the author for what a great job she did with her heroines, and how they're so different and all skilled in different areas and all have different weaknesses and flaws. Seriously, the heroines go warrior, healer, queen.
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Monday, January 27th, 2014 04:44 am
Okay, coming off my run of tragic and bittersweet romances, I admit I was pretty nervous to read Goliath, especially because the first line of the back cover is "secrets revealed" and it's dedicated to "everyone who loves a long-secret romance, revealed at last."

I was thinking, 'can I trust you, Scott Westernfeld? can I? or should I just start being sad right now.'

But I finished the book tonight, and

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Thursday, January 23rd, 2014 04:51 am
I real Bitterblue in, basically two days. Basically from

Theil's suicide

on I was weeping, and I cannot stress how rarely I cry over books or movies. This was definitely my favorite of the series (which I need to do an entire reread of, now).

Oh, Bitterblue.

(Also, this made me retroactively like Graceling a lot more, which I think I ended up judging very harshly for one narrative mis-step.)

(BTW, there are several queer couples in this book, all of whom have happy endings.)

(On the subject of romantic happy endings, I just cannot bear

another bittersweet romantic ending.

I just cannot. Don't say anything, but I am debating not reading Goliath until I'm in a better place with that, because I just cannot.)

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Thursday, January 16th, 2014 09:13 pm
I just started listening to the Behemoth audiobooks (read by Alan Cumming, which is why I'm listening to it) and oh my god, Alec's Germanic accent. *crawls around on the floor* *dies*

The Germanic accent makes the whole 'learning to fence' scene EVEN FLIRTER than it already was.
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Thursday, January 16th, 2014 02:22 am
I finished my re-read of the Darkangel Trilogy, the ending of which was even more unrelentingly tragic as I remember. I want everyone to read these books so we can fangirl over the prose and them weep at the tragedy of Aeriel/Irrylath.

misc 3503_e086

I'm about ready to try to find fix-it fanfic, but I'm scared. So scared. I googled the pairing name and the first result was a fanfic on Someone hold me. Someone stop me. My shadow burned away and I am made of moondust and grief and duty.
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Tuesday, January 14th, 2014 03:25 am
[ profile] qualapec loaned me Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld (WWI alt-history/sci-fi/steampunk with a handsome prince and a cross-dressing-for-adventure "midshipman" PLUS a badass lady scientist), which I ended up reading in one day and then ordering the entire series from amazon.

Oh! Also this has adorable illustrations. On the copy I got, the hero looks fabulously dapper and devil may care on the cover (I originally thought he was the heroine) and the heroine is 100% rocking my platonic ideal of a masculine haircut. Oh, and did I mention the part whereRead more... )Also, by the way, while the hero is very useful and has one or two Big Damn Hero moments, the heroine gets ALL the best moments of badassery. ALL OF THE BEST MOMENTS OF BADASSERY BY A FACTOR OF 500.
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Sunday, January 12th, 2014 10:26 pm

  • I have once again continued my horrible habit of doing real-life financial book-keeping late at night on Sundays. I should know better but I clearly don't.

  • I had an impromptu coffee date with [ profile] qualapec this afternoon, which was a blast, and resulted in:

  • I erased my amazon wishlist. It had been how I'd been keeping track of books, and I had books on there that I hadn't read in the TEN YEARS they had been on my wishlist, so. Two clicks, and it was gone. I saved the most recent books, but other than that, it's all deleted. I also culled a few of my physical to-read books.

  • [ profile] qualapec and I realized that if Steve's plan goes down in 1944, depending on which month you place that, you have AT LEAST four months to a year and change in which PEGGY CARTER COULD BE LEADING THE HOWLING COMMANDOS AROUND THE EUROPEAN THEATER. God, I cannot express how much I want that. Like, I can just see Peggy coming out of that radio tower (she probably fixed her mascara before hand) so she looks both devastated and perfect and the Commandos (who have, iirc, lost their two highest ranking soldiers) are like, "what now, ma'am?" and Agent Peggy Carter says, "Now we go win the war, gentlemen."

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Thursday, January 9th, 2014 04:17 pm
I'm finally, finally starting to feel better, enough that I am going to answer some of the great ship questions I was asked about two weeks ago.

[ profile] ladymercury_10 asked: How about Dick/Babs, and why you don't ship them in YJ (and who you ship them with instead, if applicable).

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[ profile] errant_shadows asked: What about your first ever ship? (Maybe something before you even knew what shipping was.)

Were they canon? OTP? Do you still ship them? Did you ever write fic for them? (<== links please, if it's online)

And what about the pairing appealed to your freshly fangirling heart?

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[ profile] phemyscira asked: Top five OTPs of 2013?

Any ship that you think you may be very excited about in 2014? (e.g. because of upcoming new instalments to a current fandom, fandoms you may be interested in, etc.)

Read more... )

[ profile] catteo asked me: Top 5 OTPs of ALL TIME and why. Preferably with awesome gifs!

Read more... )

[ profile] hungrytiger11 asked me: Top Five Canon Ships that really shouldn't exist (let alone be canon):

Read more... )

[ profile] topazera asked me: If you were suddenly put in charge of ouatiw, how would you handle Alice/Knave in canon? What would you do with Cyrus? Or alternatively, how would you rework things if you had the reins from the start?

Read more... )

[ profile] qualapec asked me: Is there something you never expected to ship going into a piece of media (or were actively against ahead of time) but actually really enjoyed once you saw the canon?

Read more... )

[ profile] ever_neutral asked: What about fave non-canon ship/s? SHOULD THEY HAVE BEEN CANON? Discuss.

Read more... )

[ profile] scorpiod1 asked me: Are there OT3s you are fond of?

Read more... )
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Thursday, January 2nd, 2014 01:24 am
Navel-gazing fanfic questions gacked from [ profile] musesfool:

Leitmotif of the year:

"Clint/Natasha, Stephanie Brown, and ships that involve a dude pining" is one answer. I almost feel like a more accurate one would be, "this are people I want to kiss. See them kiss."

What's the story that makes you happiest?

I'm really pleased with You Only Live Twice, both because I am so happy that Jason/Stephanie fanfic exists, and because I really enjoy that story.

My favorite story this year:

Couldn't Get That Boy To Kill Me (Natasha/Clint)

I love the prompt, the section of Natasha's history I was working with, what I ended up saying about Clint and Natasha, and just.... this went through several drafts and I think it shows (in a good way).

My 5 best stories this year:

This Is The Art Of Living With A Ticking Heart (Felicity/Oliver)
End Of The World News (Darcy/Steve)
Please Believe Me When I Say The Last Thing You Need Is Fixing (Stephanie Brown/Nick Gage, Barbara Gordon/Dick Grayson)
Couldn't Get That Boy To Kill Me (Natasha/Clint)
I'm Yours (Ghosts & All) (Natasha/Clint)

............ )
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Thursday, January 2nd, 2014 12:29 am
2 Broke Girls

Sweet Tits (Max/Caroline)


This Is The Art Of Living With A Ticking Heart (Felicity/Oliver)
The Universe Is Wide & Wild & Some Things Are Stronger After They Break (Shado/Slade)

The Avengers

Just What I Needed (Someone To Plead) (Darcy/Steve)
Lilac Perfume (Kate/Clint)
You Will Always Fall In Love, And It Will Always Be Like Having Your Throat Cut (Natasha/Clint)
The Opposite Of Perfunctory (Kate/Clint)
Marionettes (Natasha/Clint)
Nihilism & The 21st-Century Girl (Darcy/Steve)
Progress (Jane/Thor)
Couldn't Get That Boy To Kill Me (Natasha/Clint)
I'm Yours (Ghosts & All) (Natasha/Clint)
End Of The World News (Darcy/Steve)
Your Heart Cannot Be Burned (Darcy/Steve)
Your Boy Is A Soldier (Natasha/Clint)

DC Comics

Detours (Selina/Bruce)
I Have Nothing Left To Say To The Ghosts (Stephanie Brown)
Please Believe Me When I Say The Last Thing You Need Is Fixing (Stephanie Brown/Nick Gage, Barbara Gordon/Dick Grayson)
You Only Live Twice (Stephanie Brown/Jason Todd)
that kind of luxe just ain't for us, we crave a different kind of buzz (Stephanie + Cassandra)


She Had Something Savage Coursing Under Her Skin (Abigail Hobbs)

Johannes Cabal The Necromancer

Build Me A City & Call It Jerusalem (Leonie Barrows/Johannes Cabal)

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Each Other's Anchors (We Move In Nautical Miles) (Lizzie/Darcy)
My Head Is Filled With Love Songs; My Tongue Is Mute (Lizzie/Darcy)
High Heels & Second Chances (Lizzie/Darcy)
Strain Love Through A Sieve (Gigi/Caroline)

Once Upon A Time

Proper Adventuring Attire (Alice/Knave)
I Wanna Be Here (Regina/Emma)

Pacific Rim

Underwater Kisses (Mako/Raleigh)
Crush My Heart Into Embers & I Will Reignite (Mako/Raleigh)

Teen Wolf

With Bloody Feet Across The Hallowed Ground (Kate/Derek)
If You Can't Say Something Nice (Come Sit By Me) (Lydia/Stiles, Allison/Scott)