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Thursday, April 3rd, 2014 07:23 am
Give me some characters/a pairing and one of the AUs** below and I will tell you about that story.

**I realize that several of these are just straight-up tropes and would totally work without an AU setting.


  • 10-hour road trip aus

  • platonic roommate aus

  • ended-up-at-dennys aus

  • everyone battles to the death in a game of laser tag aus

  • stuck in line at the same one register in walmart at 2am aus

  • incredibly long crosscountry train ride AU

  • police procedural AU

  • bookstore AU

  • reluctant teammates that save the world together AU

  • stuck-in-an-airport-because-the-flights-were-SO-VERY-delayed-and-it’s-like-two-am AU

  • sent to live with cousins AU

  • pretending to be siblings because of reasons AU

  • teaming up to rescue respective abducted children AU

  • pseudo-adopting-the-runaway-i-ran-into AU

  • forget high school students AU i want a high school teachers AU

  • trapped in a bank during a robbery AU

  • forced to share a table at the coffee shop a couple days in a row because crowded coffee shop and no room AU

  • medical school AU

  • ride the same bus together literally every day AU

  • vet clinic AU

  • 'i'm pretending to be ur bff bc u looked VERY uncomfortable with that person at the bar hitting on u' AU

  • college professors AU

  • on a train together and the train is stopped in the middle of nowhere for some reason AU

  • foster family AU


(Also, I added in some of my fav AU that hadn't been listed and deleted some I was less thrilled about; feel free to let me know of others that you think I should add.)
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Saturday, March 29th, 2014 04:10 am
I'm skipping ahead on this 30 day shipping meme because [ profile] alyse tangentially mentioned criminal minds and then someone reblogged a morgan x garcia gif-set and I was hit by a sledge-hammer of feelings about those two.

Day 27 - OTP That You Always Forget To Talk About


Ugh, I can’t with those two. They make me totally verklempt.

I forget about them for vast periods of time and then they're mentioned and I'm BOOM! right back in middle of a whole bunch of feelings.

Is anyone still watching criminal minds? Have those two finally had sex? Kissed? Because my god, did do those two need an epic kiss.

Because those two are (sidenote) the straight-up hottest male and hottest female on that show. Their adorable bi-racial babies would be the most epically cute things ever.

Day 28 - OTP With The Best Canon Story

I'm going to go with Han and Leia right here. Is any explanation needed? If so, just go watch the original Star Wars Trilogy.
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Saturday, March 29th, 2014 03:54 am
I recently finished reading Spirit & Dust by Rosemary Clement Moore which was very enjoyable, despite the fact that it:

  1. has a love triangle

  2. and the side I two people I wanted to hook up didn’t.

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Friday, March 28th, 2014 07:00 am
You know, when you consistently have to stop yourself from writing the wrong surname.

I keep wanting to write Abigail King (correct name: Abigail Whistler) and Clint Bishop (correct name: Clint Barton).
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Thursday, March 27th, 2014 09:40 am
Please ask me questions about my OTPs in the comments! Any questions! All questions! Deep questions! Silly questions! Ship questions. (It doesn't even really have to be OTPs. Basically, anything you know I have ever shipped. And maybe even anything I haven't. And, let's be serious, I could talk about certain adorable dorks for freaking ever, so let me do that. Okay? Okay.)

 photo twtumblr_m6pdekhZ9T1qliqtvo1_500_zpsb6100304.gif
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Thursday, March 13th, 2014 10:24 pm
Day 09 - Endgame OTP

Lydia/Stiles )

Enjoy this answer, because it's the last specific, actually pairing-specific answer you're going to get this post.

Day 10 - NonCanon OTP

I swear to god, I could just throw out almost any pairing here because 65% of my pairings are noncanon or ambiguously canon.

Day 11 - Guilty Pleasure OTP

There's so many! Cassie Holmes/Nick Gant, Hannibal King/Abigail Whistler, The Middleman/Wendy Watson, Damian Wayne/Stephanie Brown, Haymitch/Katniss, Jennsen Rahl/Darken Rahl, Mr. Griffith/Olive to name a few. WEIRDLY, THOUGH, I don't think I feel really GUILTY about any of this, because...

Day 12 - Out Of Your Comfort Zone OTP

....fandom has completely decimated my sense of shame and appropriate relationships.

I mean, until I start shipping a pairing that involves two penises, I don't even know what would be out of my comfort zone.
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Sunday, March 9th, 2014 06:06 am
Day 05 - OTP For Whom You Never Seem To Run Out Of Inspiration


(Or at least, I haven't run out of inspiration or desire to read fic about these two yet, although I have gotten pickier about the quality of fic I'm willing to spend my time on.)

Day 06 - Crossover OTP

Steve/Darcy technically counts given that they've never been in a movie together.

Day 07 - Real People OTP

I don't do this.

Day 08 - OTP That Has Put You Through The Ringer

Katara/Zuko. There is a reason that my pairing tag for this couple is 'forever bitter.'
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Thursday, March 6th, 2014 10:46 pm
Okay, media update time.

In the area of books, I just finished Marissa Meyer's Cinder, which I loved. It’s a fantastic sci-fi retelling of Cinderella and it ends on a cliff-hanger that made me interested enough in the rest of the series to splurge and get the next two books from B&N.

I watched the first ten minutes of the most recent episode of SHIELDwe love our acronyms )

I loved this week's Brooklyn Nine-Nine.this is a den of liars )

Arrow was actually pretty boring this week, imho.where ever i go, I'm just answering phones )

I read Hawkeye 15, which was SO overhyped, imho.he's just a shape )

On the subject of awesome queer ladies, I just watched the second episode of Bomb Girls. (My goal is to get caught up before the movie airs at the end of March.if you can pour tea, you can pour amatol )
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Sunday, March 2nd, 2014 11:02 pm
ended up having several really long conversations with [ profile] qualapec today, the relevant (to fandom) portions of which involved:

  • me bitching about the deep, inherent, not-even-solvable-by-casting-Idris-Elba script problems with Blade: Trinity

  • who would you kill if you could kill one dude from Teen Wolf? (I voted Peter Hale, killed by Allison and Lydia)

  • one thing I forgot to mention; besides the fact that I do not understand the point of a tumblr queue, I could never have a tumblr queue because I cannot think of a quip enough queue tag, unlike all the epic tumblrs with perfect and brilliant and referential queue I follow.

  • various Teen Wolf ships, emphasis on Malia/Stiles and Lydia/Stiles and Allison/Isaac


  • qualapec wondering if Loki fangirls will jump on the Bucky Barnes train. my thought is the Loki fangirls are either already on board the Bucky Barnes train and what we will see in fandom is an explosion of Steve/Bucky. The only question regarding Winter Soldier is how much hate Natasha and Sharon will get, and which one fandom is going to hate more. (Spoiler alert, it's going to be Sharon. Natasha will be relegated to being SO AWESOME but her relationship with Steve and/or Bucky is STRICTLY PLATONIC. Which is for the best, because Natasha is just TOO AWESOME TO BE DATING ~CAPTAINS AMERICA~ *eyeroll*)

  • my deep and heartfelt lament that Steve/Bucky fanfic is almost invariably well-written and is the most tropperiffic fanfic to have ever been written in the history of fandom. In other news, there is no god.

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Monday, February 17th, 2014 12:00 am
[ profile] scorpoid1 asked me:

talk about your fandom evolution? like, what fandoms did you start out in, how have your tastes changed and grown since then, what is different now than when you first started off in fandom and what hasn't changed? Idk I am just curious I am always fascinated when people talk about this kind of stuff.

 photo tumblr_inline_mumz2jP54z1qcrw8u_zps7743221c.gif

Oh, wow, fandom flashback.

My first fandom was Buffy, shortly followed by Harry Potter.

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Friday, January 31st, 2014 07:18 am
Give me a character and I will give you two ships involving them that I like, and one that I hate.

stock tumblr_m1da4dwdTV1r0rqd1
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Monday, January 27th, 2014 04:44 am
Okay, coming off my run of tragic and bittersweet romances, I admit I was pretty nervous to read Goliath, especially because the first line of the back cover is "secrets revealed" and it's dedicated to "everyone who loves a long-secret romance, revealed at last."

I was thinking, 'can I trust you, Scott Westernfeld? can I? or should I just start being sad right now.'

But I finished the book tonight, and

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Thursday, January 16th, 2014 09:13 pm
I just started listening to the Behemoth audiobooks (read by Alan Cumming, which is why I'm listening to it) and oh my god, Alec's Germanic accent. *crawls around on the floor* *dies*

The Germanic accent makes the whole 'learning to fence' scene EVEN FLIRTER than it already was.
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Thursday, January 9th, 2014 04:17 pm
I'm finally, finally starting to feel better, enough that I am going to answer some of the great ship questions I was asked about two weeks ago.

[ profile] ladymercury_10 asked: How about Dick/Babs, and why you don't ship them in YJ (and who you ship them with instead, if applicable).

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[ profile] errant_shadows asked: What about your first ever ship? (Maybe something before you even knew what shipping was.)

Were they canon? OTP? Do you still ship them? Did you ever write fic for them? (<== links please, if it's online)

And what about the pairing appealed to your freshly fangirling heart?

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[ profile] phemyscira asked: Top five OTPs of 2013?

Any ship that you think you may be very excited about in 2014? (e.g. because of upcoming new instalments to a current fandom, fandoms you may be interested in, etc.)

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[ profile] catteo asked me: Top 5 OTPs of ALL TIME and why. Preferably with awesome gifs!

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[ profile] hungrytiger11 asked me: Top Five Canon Ships that really shouldn't exist (let alone be canon):

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[ profile] topazera asked me: If you were suddenly put in charge of ouatiw, how would you handle Alice/Knave in canon? What would you do with Cyrus? Or alternatively, how would you rework things if you had the reins from the start?

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[ profile] qualapec asked me: Is there something you never expected to ship going into a piece of media (or were actively against ahead of time) but actually really enjoyed once you saw the canon?

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[ profile] ever_neutral asked: What about fave non-canon ship/s? SHOULD THEY HAVE BEEN CANON? Discuss.

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[ profile] scorpiod1 asked me: Are there OT3s you are fond of?

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Thursday, January 2nd, 2014 09:14 am
Please ask me questions about my OTPs in the comments! Any questions! All questions! Deep questions! Silly questions! Ship questions. (It doesn't even really have to be OTPs. Basically, anything you know I have ever shipped. And maybe even anything I haven't. Oooh, that could actually make this MORE interesting, if you wanted to asked about things I don't/might/once shipped.)

 photo tvdtumblr_inline_mxmijcU3a61qcrw8u_zps9f415711.gif
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Monday, December 23rd, 2013 12:03 am
[ profile] ever_neutral asked me to talk about Katniss/Peeta on December 22nd (I'm five minutes late, sue me). So, to properly prepare for this question, I reread The Hunger Games over the weekend, trying to pin down the exact moment I started shipping them. I also reread my first post about THG, where I said that after reading the first book I would have been okay with her ending up with either Peeta or Gale, which... I think was not untrue, but I distinctly remember a point about 2/3 of the way through the first book when I wanted her to end up with Peeta more.

What I love about the romance in the first book, it that... it's just delightful. In the sense that it is complicated and twisty and makes things harder. The book hits this point at the 2/3 mark - possibly earlier - where I am 100% convinced that Peeta is ridiculously in love with Katniss and Katniss is both deeply suspicious of Peeta and uncertain of her own feelings (enough though I am reading this book going 'FEELINGS! THOSE ARE FEELINGS YOU'RE FEELING, KATNISS!').

So, yeah, it's just fabulous.

OH THE SUBJECT OF REREADING, knowing what happens, here is my theory on some of the things we don't see:

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Friday, December 20th, 2013 10:33 pm
[ profile] plural_entity asked me a couple of questions for December 19th:

1. What was the very first ship you ever shipped (even if you didn't know what shipping was at the time)?

First, a little context. I have always loved romance but back when I was 8-10 (which is when I first started consuming media in, basically, a very similar way to how I consume media now) I was a lot more willing to follow the author to whatever relationship they wanted. For example, with Tamora Pierce, I was happy to just follow the narrative and see who the heroines ended up with.

And then there was The Darkangel Trilogy. (I'd like to pause for a moment and mention that I liked vampires both before they were cool AND back when they were beautifully monstrous, monstrously beautiful creatures.) So, three books happened, including things like the heroine giving the hero her heart, if I remember correctly? And it became clear to me that the hero was falling deeper and deeper into love with the heroine after treating her badly in the beginning, but she didn't see it, even though she was in love with him, and then in the final bookthey don't get together. They FUCKING FINALLY consummate their marriage (I think? again, it's been over a decade) and he's like, 'let's be married for reals!' And she says no, because of duty or magic or some bullshit like that.
And okay, the heroine does go off to spend eternity (I think) with her female bff which in retrospect... I feel like I should be more okay with? But at the time, I was just furious that after three books of tragedy and longing and beautiful prose,spoiler )

I really need to do a reread, see how my memories of my feelings match up with what I see as an adult.

2. You're stuck on an island LOST style with 3 fandom characters. Which ones would you choose?

Katniss Everdeen, Slade Wilson (arrow version), and Tony Stark.


3. What character death (of any fandom) affected you the most?

I can't think of a good example? I mean, there have been fridgings I've been super pissed about (Abigail, Shado), deaths I thought were really badly done (Sirius Black), and things that made me sad but I really understood and were okay with them happening (Derek Reese), so I'm having trouble thinking of a really good example to go here.

BONUS QUESTION FROM [ profile] qualapec:

You Rule 63 the entire cast of one Shakespeare play you have read/seen. Which one would it be?

Much Ado About Nothing. I think it would gender-swap really well, Hero's plot, while still undeniable fucked up, would at least be DIFFERENT if it was a male character's purity being questioned, and I would LOVE to see a male!Beatrice requesting that female!Benedict kill Claudio.