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Monday, April 7th, 2014 01:13 am
I saw Winter Soldier again tonight with my mom (my first review is here) and loved it, if anything, possibly more the second time.

Random thoughts:

  • I just want to point out that the Black Widow shot the Winter Soldier in the eye with a handgun, while under fire and standing on the ground while he's above her on an elevated expressway and if he hadn't had bulletproof goggles on, he'd be dead. Just saying.

  • I really wish Marvel would have adorable girl-children in their movies, instead of boy-child after boy-child.

  • I heard through the grapevine that the SHEILD episodes bracketing the release of Winter Soldier tie into the movie (presumably, because SHEILD is being torn down). I CANNOT STRESS HOW AGGRESSIVELY I DON’T CARE ABOUT HOW THE TV SHOW TIES IN. Honestly, I feel like SHIELD’s destruction as an organization will make everything I am disappointed in about the tv show EVEN WORSE.

  • When the set photos of Steve and Nat kissing came out, ircc, I believe Johannessen said something to effect that it was just a goof to throw off paparazzi AND I AM SO GLAD THAT WAS A MISDIRECT. I fucking loved that cover kiss, and the scene where Nat gets them past the other agents by getting Steve to put his arm around her and laugh.

  • ON THE SUBJECT OF KISSING, Steve is still a virgin Y/Y? Like, I buy he got at least one kiss in the future (probably a smacking kiss by some stranger, was my first thought) because the idea that Steve can lie to Natasha is a lol-tastic but it doesn’t seem believable that Cap had an unmentioned girlfriend at any point? And I have a hard time buying him getting his V-card punched by some random stranger. (Do not get me started on home much I hate the idea of Steve sexing up any of the chorus girls in CA: TFA. I once bitched to qualapec for about fifteen minutes straight about how much I hate that showing up in fanfiction.)

  • I love how soft and slightly husky Bucky's voice is (ugh, what to call that character!). Like, in the comics the "who the hell is bucky?" line is, like, large text and capital letters and in the movie it's just this soft, hearbreaking question. A+ acting choice on the part of Mr. Stan.

  • While I do like that it’s clear that Peggy lived a full time – work and family – and certainly wasn’t waiting around for Steve, knowing that the agency she founded turns out to be corrupted makes me markedly less interested in a Peggy Carter tv show.

  • I would FUCKING LOVE to ask the costume director (and Ms. Johannson, who apparently spent a lot of time discussing Widow's costume choices) what their thinking on that was. Because, honestly, a lot of thought went into everything about this movie, and I can think of no other reason to give Natasha an arrow necklace than having it be a Clintasha reference. (I mean, realistically, I think Natasha wearing an arrow is too blatant for her) but like, WHAT was the costume director thinking?

I realize the above random list of things is does not give the proper squee-ful emotional beat - let it be stated that I totally left the movie pumped and I can't wait for all the CA2-inspired fics to start appearing.


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