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January 12th, 2014

redbrunja: (hp | hermione/ron)
Sunday, January 12th, 2014 10:26 pm

  • I have once again continued my horrible habit of doing real-life financial book-keeping late at night on Sundays. I should know better but I clearly don't.

  • I had an impromptu coffee date with [ profile] qualapec this afternoon, which was a blast, and resulted in:

  • I erased my amazon wishlist. It had been how I'd been keeping track of books, and I had books on there that I hadn't read in the TEN YEARS they had been on my wishlist, so. Two clicks, and it was gone. I saved the most recent books, but other than that, it's all deleted. I also culled a few of my physical to-read books.

  • [ profile] qualapec and I realized that if Steve's plan goes down in 1944, depending on which month you place that, you have AT LEAST four months to a year and change in which PEGGY CARTER COULD BE LEADING THE HOWLING COMMANDOS AROUND THE EUROPEAN THEATER. God, I cannot express how much I want that. Like, I can just see Peggy coming out of that radio tower (she probably fixed her mascara before hand) so she looks both devastated and perfect and the Commandos (who have, iirc, lost their two highest ranking soldiers) are like, "what now, ma'am?" and Agent Peggy Carter says, "Now we go win the war, gentlemen."